Eating has always been in our blood. From the moment we are born we are driven to nourish our souls with the sustenance that brings us the most joy and delight.
There is no greater disappointment than working through a plate of food that our palate considers a chore.

The idea of establishing JY Food Lab started with a goal of saving money to explore food & pastry scene which resulted in lifelong learnings
from the kitchens of the most promising Fine dining ateliers to emerge from France.

Disciplined by long hours of practice and the refined techniques of the French, we are passionate in creating patisseries that showcase finest ingredients and French flavours to suit your palate.
We take pride in only using natural and premium ingredients that unveil our signature flavours which allows us to reduce the levels of sweetness used compared to ordinary cakes.

We are always grateful for your support and our commitment to you is to bring flavours that indulge your palate.

Merci beaucoup , Terima kasih.

Jer Yenn & Jia Yi



JY stands for Jer Yenn & Jia Yi, the initials of our names.
Food represents our desires and cherished memories. Food is the universal journey that reminds us of who we are.
Lab is where we experiment and evolve fresh flavours felt deeply from our hearts to feed the souls.
In JY Food Lab, we master the art of gastronomy by handmade patisserie perfected with love.


Jer Yenn & Jia Yi are both professionally trained in French cuisine and pastry having worked in reputable fine dining restaurants in France including Michelin starred establishments Le Cénacle and La Barbacane. Their culinary voyage is an evolving collaboration of refining their unique approach in localising the esprit of French individualism.


Chef Jer Yenn - Cuisiner et pâtissier

As the soul of the kitchen, Jer Yenn embodies the patience and practice of mastering the fine arts of the culinary realm. Spending most of his time in the kitchen, Jer Yenn is devoted to honing the techniques, flavours and style of JY Food Lab.

Chef Venessa Jia Yi - Pâtissière

Jia Yi is the artiste who brings to life the aesthetic charm and delectable taste of JY Food Lab’s cakes. Fascinated by the intersections of texture, structure and colour she brings impeccable attention to detail with her sensitive palate.



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